Disaster risk reduction

Disaster risk reduction aims to prevent new and reduce existing disaster risk, strengthening the resilience of people, systems and approaches.

UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction


Disasters are not 'natural'. Hazards such as flood and fire only lead to disaster if they intersect with an exposed and vulnerable society and exceed people's capacity to cope. Investing in reducing disaster risk is a global and national priority to secure a safe, healthy and prosperous future.

This collection brings together key guidance material to support disaster risk reduction policy and practice in Australia.

National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework

National priorities and strategies for action

Second National Action Plan for Disaster Risk Reduction

Learn more about the development of the Second National Action Plan, and the work being done to progress the implementation of the National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework.

Profiling Australia's Vulnerability 

A frame to equip leaders at all levels to have a different conversation about disaster risk

Guidance for Strategic Decisions on Climate and Disaster Risk

Guidance documents to support implementation of the National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework 

Systemic Disaster Risk Handbook

Principles for systemic disaster risk reduction, inclusive governance and decision-making to support resilience and sustainability

Australian Disaster Resilience Index

A snapshot of the capacities for disaster resilience in Australian communities

Understanding Disaster Risk forum proceedings

View presentations and videos from the series of national forums held in October 2019

Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 

International agreement that guides global efforts for disaster risk reduction

Australian disasters on the Disaster Mapper

Explore past disasters in Australia by hazard type and location

Disaster Risk Reduction in AJEM

Articles and peer-reviewed research related to Disaster Risk Reduction in the Australian Journal of Emergency Management

International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction

Celebrated every year on October 13 to promote a global culture of disaster risk reduction