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The Knowledge Hub is a national platform that supports and informs policy, planning, decision making and contemporary good practice in disaster resilience. 

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Australian Disaster Resilience Conference Australia's premier disaster resilience conference Australian disasters Historical disaster events that have affected Australia Australian Journal of Emergency Management Australia’s premier journal for emergency management Climate and disasters Learn about Australia's climate, climate change, natural hazards and disasters Disability inclusion and disaster Bringing together research, guidance, resources and tools to support disability-inclusive disaster risk reduction (DIDRR) in policy and practice. Disaster resilience directory A central point to access key guidance and organisations driving disaster resilience in Australia Disaster risk reduction Frameworks and resources for disaster risk reduction Education and Professional Development Resources Professional development resources, events and information Emergency Management Library Themes including recovery, business continuity, leadership and risk management Emergency Planning Resources, tools and research to support emergency planning Evacuation Resources, tools and research to support evacuation planning. Handbook Collection Authoritative guidance on national principles and practices for disaster resilience Lessons management National resources for lessons management and insights into jurisidictional approaches Monitoring and evaluation for disaster recovery National resources for monitoring and evaluation of disaster recovery Pandemic Resources to support pandemic preparedness, response and recovery Recovery Resources, information and publications focused on recovery in Australia and internationally Understanding hazards Understand and prepare for hazards like fire, flood and cyclone Using the Knowledge Hub User guides Volunteering National volunteer stories, resources and professional development opportunities Warnings In an emergency, public information and warnings play an important role in community safety.